Release Notes

The following table lists changes to Oracle Dyn Web Application Security. Also see Known Issues.

Date Service API Version Affected Change
10-Apr-2019 Bot Manager v3 Increased thresholds for IP rate limiting.
10-Apr-2019 Templates v3 Support for partial and shared config templates was removed.
10-Apr-2019 Bot Manager v3 Help text in Javascript challenge page no longer enables/disables the feature.
30-Oct-2018 All Web Application Security services v3

Runtime version has been updated to LUA 6.1. Changes include:

  • The socialedge_redir_cache configuration variables will no longer be present in Nginx configuration templates. The configuration has been moved to LUA configuration templates.
  • All web apps that use advanced (LUA based) rate limiting will be migrated to a new, updated LUA template version.

  • Adding new Nginx configuration parameters to optimize scaling of Nginx workers.
30-Oct-2018 Threat Intelligence v3

Added the following threat feeds:

  • zeustracker_abuse_ch
  • palevo
30-Oct-2018 Bot Manager v3 Added a new LUA template to Human Interaction Challenge (HIC) and Device Fingerprint Challenge (DFC) to update Captcha action.
6-June-2017 All API products v1, v2 Versions 1 and 2 of the Web Application Security API have been deprecated. Users will receive a 410 response if a request has been sent to either of the deprecated APIs.
6-June-2017 Bot Manager v3 Interactions threshold and Recording period settings added to the Human Interaction Challenge (HIC). For more information, see Human Interaction Challenge (HIC).
6-June-2017 Bot Manager v3 Define Fingerprint Challenge (DFC) feature now available for Bot Manager. For more information, see Define Fingerprint Challenge (DFC).
6-June-2017 Administration



You can now receive email notifications when the IP addresses for EDGE nodes are added or removed. For more information, see Notifications.
6-June-2017 Administration v3 You can now add a new SSL certificate from the web app HTTPs settings. For more information, see Creating and Managing Web Apps.